Lead the good

Volunteer leaders are the heart of our community volunteer support. Join us.

Volunteer leaders are the champions of Besa volunteers! By supporting nonprofit volunteer experiences and community volunteers, they ensure everything runs smoothly to make impact with purpose.

Volunteer Leaders

Besa Volunteer Leaders

What is a Besa volunteer leader?

Volunteer leaders support our mission to curate transformative volunteer experiences in the community. They provide a warm welcome to volunteers upon arrival and serve as additional support for nonprofits during volunteer experiences.


How often do volunteer leaders support nonprofits?

Besa volunteer leaders are committed to supporting a variety of nonprofit partners to build relationships and understand the impact of nonprofits in the community. Each volunteer leader agrees to lead one and attend one volunteer experience each month, participate in team meetings and attend Besa events.

Anyone can support

Who can be a volunteer leader?

Anyone can apply to be a Besa volunteer leader! It’s a great opportunity to hone your leadership skills and get engaged in the community. We love having a diverse group in the community building relationships and amplifying good. Fill out the volunteer leader contact form to get started.

Make an impact

Why does having volunteer leaders amplify community impact?

Volunteer leaders are one of the things that makes Besa unique. If you’ve ever been anxious about not knowing anyone when you show up to volunteer, our volunteer leaders are ready to make you feel comfortable and excited about your volunteer activity. Volunteer leaders also support nonprofits by taking on the responsibility of answering questions and making sure everyone is signed in and understands their volunteer role.

Meet Our Volunteer Leaders

Jody Ganschinietz

Volunteer since 2019

Audree Notoras

Volunteer since 2018

Kari Nowiski

Volunteer since 2015

Katie Persico

Volunteer since 2019

Brian Steinmetz

Volunteer since 2016

Dia Swearengen

Volunteer since 2017

Chris Tayman

Volunteer since 2016

Tena Wentz

Volunteer since 2018

Suzanne Wilson

Volunteer since 2019