Doing Good, Together

The Besa Collective

Managing volunteer programming for your small business is hard. We make it easy.

We understand that small businesses have limited capacity to build and maintain a comprehensive employee volunteer program. The Besa Collective is a cost-effective solution to engage employees in the community and build a culture of giving while collaborating with businesses that share your values of giving back.

Why Join the Besa Collective?

The Besa Collective

Collaborate with other small businesses doing good.

The Besa Collective offers a unique opportunity for your small business to access a volunteer engagement program for your employees. The Collective enables your employees to join forces with other organizations to collaborate with other companies and do good, together.

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Employee Engagement

Engage in up to 10 volunteer experiences per year.

Each Collective of up to five local businesses will gain access to 10 volunteer experiences per year. Every volunteer experience will engage your team in a meaningful way while addressing some of our community’s most critical needs.

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Volunteer Management

Managing volunteer opportunities is easy.

The Besa Collective makes participating in volunteer experiences easy. Share volunteer opportunities and manage signups all in one place. Besa provides an online community where employees can find and register for opportunities and track their individual impact. We’ll also connect you to Besa’s 70+ monthly public volunteer experiences, making even more volunteer opportunities available.

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Share Your Impact

Effortlessly share your company's impact.

Now that your company’s volunteer metrics are all in one place, it’s simple to amplify the story of how your company is showing up to do good – powering your company’s culture, hiring and retention rates, and overall brand image.

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Share volunteer opportunities with your team to sign up and do good, together. 

The Besa Difference

For us it’s about planning, people, platform and purpose. The Besa Collective is powered by our team of leaders in civic engagement so your volunteer program is set up for success.

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Collaborative Volunteer Programming
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Besa’s Impact
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Flexible Experiences
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Community Impact
  1. Engage employees in causes they care about
  2. Build capacity for nonprofits
  3. Support residents who rely on nonprofit services
  4. Expand civic engagement in the community
Company Impact
  1. Attract top talent
  2. Boost employee morale
  3. Increase employee retention
  4. Amplify your brand as a leader in community service

Employees are up to three times more engaged in community service since implementing Besa.

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