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Meet Yahaira

May 07, 2024 |

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Proyecto Mariposas


Founded in 2011 by Yahaira Perez-Caraballo, Proyeto Mariposas is dedicated to empowering, mentoring and supporting Latina women and girls.

Q: Tell us about Proyecto Mariposas.
A: We believe that every Latina woman and girl can live a healthy life if she has the support, tools and resources to empower her. We focus on in-school programming and outreach initiatives that support the vision to cultivate culturally enriched spaces of belonging.

Q: When you founded the organization, what were the challenges you saw this population facing?
A: I saw a lack of resources, tools and support for Latina women and girls and recognized that many resources were not in Spanish.

Q: What impact have you experienced as the partnership with Besa has expanded?
A: Besa has helped us expand our services and provided a space for volunteers to connect with the population we serve. It has been wonderful to build a community of so many people who support us.

Q: How has the partnership with Besa helped with new ways to engage volunteers?
A: Because of Besa, we are able to host teams of employees from local companies who volunteer and provide donations that benefit our programming. Those relationships would not have happened without Besa.

Q: What does it mean to you to be able to support Latina women and girls?
A: I am fiercely committed to supporting Latina women and girls. Every day I see their potential, and it’s an honor to be part of their journey. We are investing in the future of our city by helping Latina girls and women stand up for what they believe and have confidence.

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